Alcohol and College: Day 2

Disclaimer – This entry may seem judgmental, but the intent behind it is not to judge. I can’t honestly say that I don’t judge other people’s actions, but this is a topic that I see time and time again, and that sincerely confuses me.

I didn’t drink in high school. And that isn’t me just saying that because I was underage, or because I think I might get in trouble. Most of my friends drank, and fairly frequently, but I never saw the appeal. The idea of planning an event, of allocating a block of your free time for the sole purpose of consuming alcohol was never something that really made sense to me. I figured it was just a high school thing, and that everyone would grow out of it in college.

I was very, very wrong. If anything, events like this became even more prevalent from the first day of Freshman Orientation. I was introduced to the idea of “pregaming”, where you drink a fair amount of alcohol well before the party starts so that by the time you get there, you’re already drunk. And then, once you do arrive at the party (assuming you don’t overdo it while pregaming), you drink even more just to maintain the level of inebriation that you had before.

Now, I’m not bringing this up to shame anyone who has ever had a couple of drinks. As a junior, I can comfortably say that, while I drink occasionally, those occasions usually involve more than one drink. However, when I drink, it’s usually unplanned. Maybe I’m at a friend’s house, and we’re cooking dinner, and she asks if we want to open a bottle of wine. Or I’m watching the Super Bowl, and someone brings some beers with their dip.

The common denominator of all of these occasions is the fact that I went to a social event that happened to have alcohol. I’m happy to schedule interesting events with friends, because I feel like that’s a good use of my time. If there happens to be alcohol at that event, I may partake, depending on what we’re doing and what it tastes like (I’m looking at you, Keystone Light-filled frat parties). What I’m not doing is sitting on the floor of someone’s living room throwing back shots and literally nothing else.

My opinions on this topic may have to do with the fact that I was rather sheltered through high school, and it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong here. As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.



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